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An Extreme Experience


Discover Cape York the way very few have before with Adventure Videos' Stan Gruzlewski and Outback Travel Australia's Allan Whiting


These two blokes have 70 years’ combined bush travel experience, including more than 90 Cape York trips.

This exclusive 2016 Extreme Cape York Expedition kicks off with a drive along the complete Telegraph Track, including Palm Creek, Gunshot, Cypress Creek and Nolans Brook, as well as the difficult sand tracks on the East Coast, to The Tip.


“Big deal,” you might say.


OK, then come remote coastal and beach drives, with wilderness camps on the ocean front, and plenty of fishing and beachcombing opportunities. Then there’s an even more remote beach run, or a bridge-building exercise leading to another remote waterfront camp.


Obviously, drivers need to be highly experienced and vehicles need to be well prepared. Every 4WD needs high ground clearance, strong recovery points and a winch.

The 16-day Extreme Cape York Experience starts in Mareeba and finishes at Palmer River Roadhouse. We'll stay at campgrounds at Weipa and Seisia, most overnight stops during the trip are in bush camping spots.


Dates yet to be confirmed
2 occupants per vehicle & includes all camping and ferry fees

Please note that price does not include accommodation and/or meals in Mareeba

Remote East Coast Cape York

Telegraph Track

Gunshot Cape York

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