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Cape York       &     Simpson Desert

Cape York

There is a certain beauty in danger and some danger in beautiful things and Cape York is the perfect paradox of this! We have travelled to the Cape for over 40 years

We made many of the tracks you are using today. We have explored some of the Cape's most remote areas we know every inch of Cape York!

Simpson Desert

The Simpson Desert is one of our favorite places that we love sharing with you. It is a reminder of the grandiosity of the Australian Outback. The never ending sand dunes, array of colors and the glittering of the night sky is a reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country.

Cape York Photos CLICK to enlarge

Corrugation Casualty Cape York

Our first trip to the cape in May 2016 this guy lost his back wheel at 80ks all wheel studs were snapped and bent the repair took 30mins

Crossing Crystal creek to Vrilya Point

In June 2016 we were at Crystal Creek the crossing is still closed these guys where sent back from Vrilya Point and as you can see the crossing is very dangerous

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